QA: It has been a week...

It has been a week since my arrival into Doha. And my sore throat still there. Maybe I took wrong drug prescription. Wonder what is inside my body now.

Last night, bought dinner for my senior at college. AAH and his family arrived in Qatar two weeks ago and currently looking for a house. This was my first time meeting him. In fact, in college, I never met him. He is the pioneer batch while I am the fifth batch. I was told he is in Qatar in our alumni mailing list. Joining us for dinner were Zals, ZI, DK, AI and his wife MR. NZ and SS could not make it since SS pick up to work was at 10pm. SS was to fly to BKK or HKG last night. DK just touched down from CDG in the morning. Glad that she could make it.

We had dinner at favourite place, Turkey Central. Ordered 2 kg of mixed grilled and a medium size Arabic Maza. Food enough for the eigth of us.

Work wise, things moving pretty slow. The client suppose to be back from the US visiting the vendor. Yeap.. we sent them to see the vendor and to give them chances to go shopping in the US as well... ooppppsss.. I have should not say this :-)) We received mix review on their visit to the vendor from our work colleagues in the US office. Unfortunately, they were not briefed by their Project Manager on what they will see over there. So, the demo on the system turned out not as expected (only for one part of it). When they are back here, I guess a hectic discussion session will take place. Arrggh... I hate these people. They can change their mind in split second and deny everything we have agreed before.

ML has gone back to the US last week. Tuesday morning to be exact. Am suppose to have discussion with him before he left, unfortunately we didn't have time to sit down together since I got back. When I landed in Doha last Sunday, he was still in DXB, vacationing with his wife. He came into the office on Monday morning and called it a day after a few hours. And thats it. Luckily, he has settled few things that he took over from me before I left for holiday. And now, nothing much on my plate. Thanks ML.. hope to see you again one day.

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Sadd, D0ha

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bila nak start gym ni??? :-)