SG: A Day trip

I left Kuala Lumpur last night at midnight. Took Transnasional from Puduraya. The coach was not in a good condition, but reasonable for Transnasional standard. Moreover, this is the only bus company I found that meet my criteria:

1) To arrive early morning in Singapore, just nice for me to be in the office before 9am
2) To use a trusted transportation company. 

Other companies/mode:
Aeroline - do not meet #1
Flights - do not meet #1
Other transportations - do not meet #1
Other bus companies - do not meet #2

So, at the end, I settled with Transnasional for RM30.10 one way.

BH dropped me at Puduraya around 11:15pm. The place still busy with people.  The coach was ready thirty minutes before scheduled departure time and we left Puduraya on the dot. It was a bit difficult for me to sleep since the seat was not that comfortable. By 2:30am, we exited North South Highway at Machap for a 25 minutes stop.

Few minutes before 4am, we were already at the immigration check point at SecondLink. The immigration was fast since we were the only visitors to Singapore at that time.

Transnasional terminal in Singapore is Lavender Terminal, nearby the MRT of the same name. I know there is an MRT station there but do not know which way from the Lavender Terminal. Luckily there was an Indonesian guy who was on the same coach from KUL that knows how to get to MRT station.

I was at Suntec City by 6:30am. The Christmas lights in front of Suntec is beautiful at dawn. Singapore is getting alive very early in the morning.

I thought that the few coffee shops at Suntec to open by 7 am or 8 am, however, I was wrong. None of them was open, so I decided to go up to the office at Tower 3 and settle few things. By 9am, I handed over my EP, passport and disembarkation card for dispatch to MoM to cancel my EP. By 11:30am, everything was settled. I returned all items loaned to me and thanked the staff (in fact, out of all staff in the office, I only know two of them :-)) before make a move back to Johor Bharu.

Had a lunch at Raffles City Plaza and took an MRT to Kranji station for transfer to Johor Bharu via the causeway. I reached Johor Bharu at 3pm and due to my own fault, I ended up at Larkin instead of Kotaraya Plaza... This is what happened when you are not familiar with the city and asked a wrong person for direction. :-)

Walked around City Square (in fact I still could not figure out the Kotaraya Plaza despite the signboards everywhere) and nearly fell asleep at Starbucks. 
By 6pm, my friend picked me up and we went for a drink. Later at night, had dinner at Senibong and then some drinks at Danga Bay.

My flight to KUL was next day at 9am. Thanks very much NH and his housemate, ZT. It was a pleasure meeting you again.

~ MT @ Malaysia
~~ Johor Bharu, Johor

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~

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