ID: Day 2 BDO

My brother's driver dropped us at Victoria Outlet, our first stop of conquering the shopping streets of this Paris van Java.

Nothing to buy here, so we walked along Dago street where majority of factory outlets are situated. Stopped by one outlets to another, but nothing interest me. So, I am the less shopper compare to Izam :-)

Lunch time, we stopped by Kartika Sari. Wow, this place has changed a lot since my last visit. It is bigger and have couple of shops on the first floor. To my dismay the service for today's lunch was super duper slow. I ordered three dishes, "sup buntut", "kangkung belacan" and "sapi black pepper". The soup came first and followed by the other two 20 minutes later!

After lunch, need to burn those calories... so we walked to uphill (Kartika Sari was situated at the beginning of Dago lower part). Nothing much to buy along the Dago street, so we took a taxi in front of Episode outlet to go to Rumah Mode. Izam needed to change one of the shirts he bought for his nephew yesterday. The Guess shirt has a cross on the abstract printed on the back of the shirt. Getting taxi was not difficult, but to get the one that will use meter is not an easy task. The first two taxis were asking Rph40000 for that single trip. The third one, Taxi Putra was the saviour. It was raining at that time and the driver used meter, however the minimum is Rph20000, which is half than the first two taxis were asking.

When it rained in Bandung, there will be no fun. Shopping is not as great as a clear day. We were supposed to meet my brother and family for a dinner at The Valley, one of the restaurants near the golf course that offer a scenic view of the city. Another one is Sierra. Any visitors to Bandung must make a trip to these two (either one) for dinner and enjoy the view.

Since it was raining and "macet", my brother agreed to pick us up at one of the petrol station near Zenith outlet, not far from Rumah Mode. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and he was waiting at another station along the same road.

We did meet and drove to The Valley. It was situated half way towards our house, so, no worries if we were a bit late for dinner. The view was splendid and thank you Izam for the dinner.

~ MT @ Indonesia
~~ Dago Golf Course, Bandung

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