MY: Stuck!

Today, out of the blue, I decided to pay a visit to my gym after two months hiatus. Well, there is a reason why I didn't go to gym for the last two months.... and of course that reason is a typical reason given my every single one in my situation :-) Can anyone guess?

Yup.... it is "tak de masa la... busy...." :-p

Anyways, what happened at the gym was unexpected. After burning around 398 calories on stride machine, I went for a nice hot sauna.

While I was getting up from the sauna bench, my locker key detached from my towel and fell into the bench.

Arrgghhhh.... Clad in just a shower towel, went to the locker area and asked one of the patrons to go an called the gym staff to save me from embarrassing moment.

To make the matter worse, the cutter was broken, hence they have to resort using hammer to break my Yale brand padlock. According to them, the existing cutter was broken (and according to one of the staff, the management sort of don't care i.e., not bother to buy a new one - knowing this type of case always happen).

About five of the staff trying to assist me, and at least.. the hero came....yeah..... the B4ngla cleaner..... after few tries (well around 45 minutes), he successfully managed to let me get my pants back... yippeee..... no need to hang around in towel anymore....

My advise for anyone who has to bring your own padlock to the gym: 1) bring the smaller one, 2) have a spare at other places (i.e., in the shoes - provided you do not put the shoes in the locker), 3) get the padlock with easily available master key, 4) if you go with your buddy, keep one spare key with your friend and vice versa.

Luckily the locker door was not damaged. Hence I was not charged.

Better be careful next time!

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~ Ampang, Selangor

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