QA: Algerian Colleague Birthday

Semalam 21 Julai birthday my Algerian colleague. Kalau nak tengok gambar dia, go to my fotopages. Ada gambar dia sedang memasak :-))

Anyway, sebab dia bagitau lambat, tak sempat nak buat apa-apa plan. So, three of us went for dinner (very late dinner) kat Il Rustico, Rydges Hotel. It was around 10.15pm already and luckily the kitchen was still open. Ajak jugak member-member yang lain. Tapi sebab dah lambat, dia orang dah buat plan lain le.

Lepas dinner, we adjourned to the Pearl Lounge, the members only club at Marriott Doha. Hmm.. quite surprisingly not as crowded as it used to be on the weekend night. Mesti ramai yang bercuti. Rata-rata the crowd are mostly Lebanese/Syrian. Melompat-lompat kat Doha to the music and their countrymen/women melompat-lompat kat their country to zionist regime bombs!

So, happy 31st. birthday my friend. I know you don't read my blog, and if you read, bukannye faham sangat kan ? :-)

Sebelum keluar dinner tu, singgah jap kat apartment dia. Same building, cuma he is on the top floor and me on the ground floor. Masa kat apartment dia tu, dia ada bagi souvenir dari Algeria. It is the "Fatima Hand". See the photos below. Ini macam lucky charm for the Algerians. Kalau kat Egypt, ada "The Eyes". One of my colleagues ada pakai dulu, tapi majority commented that the design (TheEyes) looks like a cross. So she stopped wearing that. Design dia lebih kurang symbol yang penyanyi Prince guna dulu.

Here are the photos of the "Fatima Hand"

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

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