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Sekarang ni, banyak yang diperkatakan melalui email, SMS, newspaper berkenaan berita-berita sensasi atau lebih kepada rumours. Well, kat Qatar ni pun banyak rumours. Yang paling besar is about Asian Games. Ni extract dari The Peninsula newspaper (one of the two English newspaper in Qatar. Another one is Gulf Times).

"The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has assured the completion of all the seven major road projects, well before the Asian Games.

Ashghal has undertaken the works of seven road projects, which are directly connected to the Asian Games. They include Airport Main Road, Suhaim bin Hamad Road, Ahmed bin Ali Street, Al Kafaji Street, the First Phase of North Road (Landmark), Al Wahada Street and Majlis Al Taaqan Street. All these projects will be completed before Asian Games.

Ashghal's assurance comes in the wake of widespread rumours that the works on the major arterial roads were on a snail pace and the delay in the work would hit the smooth conduct of Asian games, scheduled to be held in this year end.

"There is a widespread rumour among the natives and expatriates that Asian Games has been withdrawn from Qatar, due to the delay in the construction works of the major roads. But as days go by, people will realise that all those were mere rumours. The works are making headway. And all the projects will be completed well in advance of the game. No doubt, "Doha 2006", will be the greatest in the history of Asian Games", said Ashghal's in-house journal, quoting its roads projects manager, Jamal Shareeda Al Kabi.

According to Jamal Shareeda, the doubts regarding the completion of the projects arises mainly due to the wrong notion that road projects means just the removal of ground surface and paving a new surface. But the road projects undertaken by Ashghal include reconstruction and renewal of infrastructure such as drainage network, electricity and water networks and installation of a number of intersections. These works, which constitute almost 60 per cent of the project, could be completed only after ensuring the technical standards and other required specifications, he said. "

Aku saje copy and paste sebab nanti when the time comes, there are chances this news tak boleh nak diakses lagi. Kekadang ni, susah nak percaya bila ada janji-janji macam ni. Contohnya main road kat my apartment. Dalam bulan April, ada news mentioned the stretch of C-Ring Road (Suhaim bin Hamad Road) from Ramada junction until Hamad hospital will be fully opened by first June. Realitinya sampai sekarang, tak fully open lagi.

Another example pasal dedicated terminal for First and Business class passengers at Doha International Airport (yang existing sekarang). Masa aku balik Malaysia, tak siap lagi. Three weeks later, still tak siap lagi. Dalam bulan May, article in newspaper mentioned that this dedicated terminal will be opened mid-June. Sekarang ni dah end July tak siap-siap jugak. Janji apa ke benda macam tu. Aku check balik press release kat Qatar Airways website pasal this terminal, dia orang dah wiped out the statement pasal bila nak open. Malu le tu!

Nyesal tak buat clipping news tu. Kalau tak, memang seronok hantar balik kat dia orang. Hehehehe

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