QA: Liar Liar

I lied. Am sorry.

I said I will go for lunch at chinese restaurant at Gr4nd Regency - I did not.

I said I will forego the car and take allowance - I did not. I retain the car since no one to take it now. If I let it go, three of us will have no transportation at all. So for the time being, I have to keep it. This also means I need to fork out extra USD150 per month to pay for the car!

hmmmm..... hope I will get the bicycle before month end...

and talking about bicycle, I called one shop yesterday and the dont have bicycle that cost QR500 and below..... all are high end! [what ever high end means for them...]

and I have a bad day with client today... arrgghhh.....

oh well......

~ M T @ Q 4 t 4 r
~~ Sadd, D0ha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~

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