QA: Makan - Makan (7)

Joint-organized with my other friends in D0ha for a BBQ by the pool. It was planned for around 40 people, however, in the eleventh hour, we received a news that one of our friends with U E M (B0boi) is leaving for good. So, we decided to turn the gathering into the farewell party forhim as well.

We had chicken and beef terriyaki, lamb chop, cajun chicken for BBQ, fried bihun, fried rice, nasi himpit (again) :-)) and some snacks. Most of the guests are B0boi's friends working with "Taking u > personally" airlines....



And special thanks to these U E M staff... without all of you, tak de lah B B Q. :-))

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~~ Bin Mahmoud, D0ha

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zal said...

We will have one more BBQ this weekend... :-)

MT said...

yup... another BBQ this weekend... makan je kan.. gemuk le macam ni :-))