ID: Family Trip

Time for a family vacation. This is the first time for me to have a family vacation overseas. The planned trip is to Bandung, Ind0nesia. I have booked tickets with KLM, the Dutch airlines and my brother settled for the accommodation and ground transport from CGK to BDO.

We left for KUL at 1:15pm and reached the airport within one hour. My younger brother was already there waiting for us. Since I already checked in via the internet the night before, I just need to drop the luggage at the counter. Unfortunately, this was not what happens. I have to “recheck-in” for boarding passes and was also issued an e-ticket. According to the lady behind the counter, a print out from the computer might pose some problems over in CGK when checking in for return flight.

The gate for today’s flight is C15 and the flight was full. The “City of Dubai” departed on time and as expected, the service on-board was way below what you experience with Asian airlines. The flight time was 1hr 30 minutes and was expected to land as scheduled.

The flight was uneventful and nothing great to share on my first time with KLM. Overall, I would rate the whole experience with KLM only 2 out of 5. Most of the negative points are from the service on board. But the food was not bad though.

Landed on 25R and within 10 minutes we were at bay E71. Not many arrivals at Terminal E at that time, so immigration was a breeze. So did our luggage. Within 5 minutes after immigration formality, our luggage arrived at the carousel. Not bad...

We went outside of the arrival hall and walked to adjacent Terminal D. My elder brother arrived via MH 30 minutes after our landing.

My brother has arranged for two transports, one for us to go to Bandung and another for him and his work colleague to down town Jakarta. However, before we parted, we went to old town for a dinner at this restaurant called “Pondok Laguna”. The dinner was good and I don’t know how much was the damage. :-)

After dinner, we made a small tour around Jakarta – MONAS, mosque and passed by some busy streets of Jakarta. We said goodbye to my brother at MONAS and soon we were on the highway to Bandung. Driving here is crazy! The emergency lane is used as a fast lane… crazy….

We reached the hotel in Bandung just before midnight and once unpacked, I doze off for the shopping day tomorrow...

~ MT @ Indonesia
~~ Aston, Bandung

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


zal said...

Pondok Laguna tu yang jual seafood ke??? dekat ngan hotel 'redtop' something?? so makan gurame goreng je lah... :-)

MT said...

Pondok Laguna tu restaurant.. dari highway from CGK, go through "old" city.. memang teruk kawasan and traffic jam..

tak tahu pulak ada hotel in that area.. but i did pass by Mercure (kalau tak silap)..

makan ikan gurami yg dalam kolam tu.. fresh lah..