QA: ASSoc.

When I came to this country fourth quarter of 2004, there were around 400+ Malaysians (including family). Today, I heard the Malays1an community has exceeded 1000 perantau in this little country. Therefore, the need to have a proper management of the community is unavoidable. In fact, in year 2000, under recommendation by the then Minister of Tourism, Datuk KSF, Malays1an Associati0n of Q4tar was established. The ASSoc. was sort of "illegal" since it was never registered. I wonder whether it is registered now or not.

Here is the first logo used until year 2005.

Then, the Committee for the year 2005 changed to the new logo.

And again, the Committee for this year changed it again couple of weeks ago

That's about the logo. But, how does the ASSoc. communicate to the members?

Well, when I joined the ASSoc. as a member, I raised the issue. At that time, the communication was done via email and word of mouth. So, to make communication easier, the committee in year 2005 created a Yahoo! group under the name Malays1ans in Q4tar. It was a success. A lot of people joined the group since it intergrates well with internet email. However, Yahoo! group has its own limitation and the Committee in year 2006 launched this website [Not sure whether the link works or not. I have problem accessing it as well]. This is good, but it was a bit too late. The website was only launched after the new committee (year 2007) took the office. So, this website is not really being used or gives any benefits to the members. The committee cylce for the ASSoc. is from May till April.

And guess what now? The new committee, instead of utilising the existing website and Yahoo! group, they created another new website(at least that is what my understanding is based on my conversation with few Malays1ans during the "That" function). Huh? So, next year when the another committee takes over, will they introduce new website????

Sometimes I pity those office bearers. Earn tonnes of money with respected positions in big companies (mostly middle age, if not late thirties) but have brains of the babies. Giler kuasa ke? What I know is that the current ASSoc. chief has been vying for the post since 2004. When he was not elected, he was offered the ASSistant chief post, but he declined.

When living in a foreign land, we turn into fellow Malays1ans for any problems or to share our happiness. If we cannot live in harmony, talking bad things about others (I have experienced this), what is the point having the ASSoc. and functions?

I am very sad to see this happening in the community here. Even worse, most of these people are older than me. Malu! How to respect them if they are acting like kids?? I heard the same for the community and the country reps in another Gulf country (down south). The only better experience that I have was with Jedd4h community when I was working there couple of years back. They were very nice. In fact, the Consulate staff there were very down to earth. I miss their hospitality.

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Bin Mahmoud, D0ha

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zal said...

Giler Kuasa... hehehe... or syok sendiri???

MT said...

both kot! anyway, dont want to speculate things. Hopefully they will serve honestly for ALL Malaysians in mind. Not just for "certain" group of ppl...

Anonymous said...

jangan hemtam dan speculate. lantak dia lah nak kuasa. kalau u ada better proposal buat lah , buka satu association lagi, yang lama semua orang \umno, yang u punnya kedalilan atau pas.. tentu cun............

MT said...

Thanks for droppping by.

Hentam boleh, thats why we have order in this world coz there is another party giving different view on things.

Speculate pun boleh - just make sure we have facts. And I do have facts when i speculate that.

Association lain? memang dah ada pun.. you tak tahu lagi ke?

err.. tak de kena mengena ngan parti2 tu :-))

jangan segan2... do drop by.. and appreciate if u could provide name.. any name, nama tipu pun boleh.. baru best sikit... tak de lah terasa bercakap ngan "anonymous" :-))