MY: Puncak Serambi

Last night, I went for dinner with BH at one of the restaurants located along Ampang-Ulu Langat bypass. M-P-A-J has a tourist spot called Puncak Serambi with few restaurants. The area provides a bird's eye view of the city. It is beautiful. No need to go Genting to experience the view KL.

The food was just so-so. Not that great and not bad too... Recommend to go there to enjoy the view.

p/s: Apologize for the blurry photos... :-)

~ MT @ Malaysia
~~ Ampang, Selangor

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zal said...

i tot gambar bulan on the second pic tu.. hehehe

aizal said...

Wow... view cun. Nanti kasi map for this place. cheers.

MT said...


sure... nanti bila u balik KL :-)