TH: The Meeting

Today is the last day of he meeting. It has been a tiring four days for me. The meeting starts at 8.30am in the morning and finish just before lunch and in the afternoon, it's my turn to be one of the trainers for the staff. 

Luckily I have been to Bangkok before, hence, I don't have much grievance if I didn't manage to discover the city. On the second night of the meeting day, I joined my office mates at Lebua Hotel (State Tower if I am not mistaken), at its open bar on 64th floor. Nice view of Bangkok. The fact that I went at night, I just see buildings with lights, without knowing much what I am looking at. 

Overall, it was an eye opener for most of the staff since this is the first time ever the office fly them out of the country for a meeting. They also have a chance to meet their counter part from other Far East area offices. 

Some people left today and most will leave tomorrow morning. As for me, I will be leaving on Sunday. Extend one more night since Izam is coming to join me for a weekend. 

~ MT @ Thailand
~~ Plaza Athenee, Bangkok

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~

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