MY: Priority

This week, I am supposed to be in London for a week. I declined to attend the training there due to my MBA classes and also too short notice to plan for a trip. Another reason to decline is to give a chance for my colleague to go. If I take this slot, she has to attend a session in Sydney in September. Unfortunately she is unable to travel next month due to her husband prior travel plan. 

So I kira baik lah ni.. bagi "can" kat kawan... :-)

And last Friday, I declined another offer to be in London for two months - part of the methodology development team. Again, the reason is my class. What to do.. I have to be objective here, especially when the reason I came back from Middle East is to continue my study. I cannot deviate from my original intention - just not fair for myself. 

Priority.. priority.. priority....

~ MT @ Malaysia
~~ Ampang, Selangor

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~

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Anonymous said...

Else you could joining the rich & famous in Metropolitan London..ahaks