MY: Counting Days...

Every time my vacation gets into the final week, I start counting number of days left before flying back to D0ha. I hate this feeling. It seems the time is getting shorter and more and more things are yet to be accomplished.

Before I came back, I made a list of what I want to do and to buy. As of today, I have yet to complete all. And tomorrow is already Saturday. Aarrgghhh.... I hate asking a friend to do things for me. I feel guilty.

This week has been a hectic week. I went for a light dinner with Famil who then told me that I am a "cereal" killer.. :-), met my friend who is now heavily in the bio-tech business, paid a visit to a chiropractic at GE Mall, politely decline the contract job offer with previous client, [unfortunately not for me, but for one of "beautiful" men in D0ha...hiks.]

~ MT @ Malays1a
~~ Ampang, Selangor

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


"beautiful" man of Doha said...

D0ha is not the same without you... welcome back, safe n sound... :-)

and don't forget to bring loads of goodies from M'sia... hahaha (not only what I prescribed, bawak ler benda2 lain sekali)

Anonymous said...

take one day at a time. enjoy ur every second kat mesia tu ok! sure u'll be fully recharged balik doha nanti...

Pato & Pearl said...

hahaha MT... shop shop shop tu lah yang best...tak kisahlah..for yurself ke..for other pple!...


MT said...

"beautiful" man of Doha
puji lebih2 ni sah nak something ni.. heheheh... yeah.. got 51kg of luggage and more than half are yours hehehehehe

masalahnye ten working days just not enough.... :-( i did enjoy Nasi Lemak every morning.... :-))

Pato & Pearl
kalau benda tu senang nak dapat at one place okaylah, need nak round satu KL.... :-) but i enjoyed doing it... for my dearest friends in D0ha... :-))