QA: To The North

This morning, I woke up late. My plan was to relax a bit and to recover from my travel earlier of the week and exhaustion from yesterday's picnic (and late night karaoke... :-))

Then after noon prayer, I asked SK whether he wanted to go somewhere (SK never said loudly what he wants to do, so I have to ask) to which he just smiled. Apparently, Zal has something in his mind. If anyone knows Zal, he is full of "wicked" ideas that will increase the number of places that he sets his feet on. I sort of know his plan since he never stopped mentioning about going up to the north of Qatar for few days already.

When I walked into the living room, Zal told me that SK wanted to go out. "SK nak gi jalan-jalan ke north Qatar"... yeah SK who made that suggestion :-)

Without hesitation, I agreed to the suggestion. Zal gave me one condition - I have to drive. The reason: he doesn't have the sunglasses. (Reason macam ni pun boleh ke?)

We left my apartment around 2pm and followed Al-Shamal Road towards the north. The first stop is Umm Mohammed, which according to the Marhaba guide (a comprehensive guide to Qatar - but seldom updated with latest info), there's suppose to be a fort over there. Unfortunately, we were not able to find it. Maybe it has dissapeared or destroyed by the bulldozer to make way for development.

Next stop is Fuwairit Beach. This is a wonderful beach, a lot better than Wakrah or Messaied. The only drawback is the journey takes slightly more than an hour from the city. Adjacent to the beach (however have to go back to the main road and turn into the next junction) is a resort. Don't be fool by the word "resort". It is not even close to the resort that we used to know in beautiful Malaysia. To get to the resort compound, a cover charge of QAR30 per pax is (supposedly) collected. However, Zal's negotiation skills are top-notch, and we were able to have a look at the resort free of charge.
Verdict: Don't bother to stay at this resort.

In less than two hours, the sun will set. And we were not even reached our planned destination yet. Drove quickly to the Madinat-al-Shamal (or the North City) and its nearby town, Al-Ruwais. These two towns are originally a fishing village. Very calm neighbourhood. Performed our Asar prayer at the small mosques on the way to the Zubara Fort. At the open field near the mosque, two Arabs were playing with their dogs.

We reached Zubara Fort less than an hour before the sunset. I let the pictures explain it all. :-))

It was a tiring trip but very satisfied. For sure, I will not go to the north again hehehehehe. The furthest probably be Fuwairit Beach.

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Madinat-al-Shamal

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


Pato & Pearl said...

best kan kalau dapat jalan jalan ambik angin walau sekejap pun...


zals said...

Blame me... blame me... for all the thrill and excitement you enjoyed in this boring Qatar... :p

agree... it's once a lifetime experience (read: won't go there again)

zals said...

Btw, cuaca sekarang dah panas, kalau tak de sunglasses sakit mata... nanti off road bahaya... (read: i prefer to enjoy the view than just concentrating on the roads...)

MT said...

Pato & Pearl
yup definitely. Just that not many places within Qatar that we can visit...

ok..ok... :-p