QA: Dinner

Just got back from one audit firm dinner at Sharq Village Resort. I was not part of the firm, but a friend who is working with the firm invited me and Zal to be his guests at the dinner. I was a bit reluctant at first since there was no formal invitation. It is by word of mouth from Zal who told me that RK wants both of us to attend the dinner.

The resort is the latest in D0ha. It is managed by the Ritz Carlton D0ha and its spa is managed by Six Sense Spa. The resort itself has been built based on Arabic elements, from its architecture to the internal deco. Very nice hotel indeed!

Back to the dinner. This firm is one of the world's biggest audit firms and for this country's practice, it has less than 50 staff. Majority of the staff are from South Asians, which is not surprising given that most of the financial sectors here are conquered by South Asians.

It was a buffet dinner and the food is Indian. I guess by now, you know why :-) As per other functions that I attended, be it wedding reception, company annual dinner, I don't eat a lot. So, I just sampled the food a bit of here and there.

Overall, it was good to mingle with some of these auditors. Introduced to new friends and contacts.

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Sharq Village, D0ha

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Anonymous said...

Very nice the hotel, this is the one you guys checked out the room last time kan?

zal said...


I've checked the room with Papa, a month ago... lavishly decorated!!!

MT said...

I havent checked this hotel yet. Only Zal & SK...
(as per Zal additional comment tu)