QA: Friday Movers...

Yesterday, together with couple of other friends, we set up a temporary mover company.. illegally :-))

Morning shift
We helped AI and his wife MR moving from their current villa to a mansion. Yupp.. a huge mansion.. just for two of them plus a baby in two months time. What a lucky couple... as AI always say, "Rezeki baby.." He may be right...

Here are some photos of the new mansion. We will be having a mansion warming gathering cum AI's birthday celebration cum baby shower in couple of weeks.

Some photos of their new mansion.

Afternoon shift
In the afternoon, we were booked for 2:30pm to assit AAH and his family moving to their new luxury apartment - however, we decided to postpone it to after 4pm to avoid scorching sun. While waiting, after having light lunch (Maggi Curry noodles) cooked by ZI, we went to Villagio Mall - shooopppppiiiinnnngggggggg........ all of us went shopping at ZARA.. kind of wierd, five guys shopping together hehehehe

Around 4:30pm, after few SMSes asking where were we, we have to stop hanging around the mall and drove back to the patiently-waiting AAH.. Apparently, he has been waiting for us since 2:30pm and has promised the watchman at his new apartment that he will be moving in by 2:30pm.... hahhaahaaa... sorry...

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of his apartment (actually, Zal forgot to do that). Anyway, I have decided to have a Tea Time Gathering at his apartment this weekend. Yup.. it is me who decided that he has to do sort of "house warming" function... :-)) AAH has no choice but to agree with it... some much fun when you are in power hehehehehe

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Bin Mahmoud, D0ha

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zal said...

hahaha... salahkan orang tak ambil gambar... haven't got a chance to update my blog (tak per lah.. citer sama je pun) :-(

Xis said...

that's a beautiful mansion... do you also live in a mansion there? Anyway.. heard you're coming back for good soo.. is it?

Pato & Pearl said... huge mansion...Bestlah


MT said...

hahaha.. since u brought the camera that day, "by default" you are the official photographer :-))

I live in a small apartment only. Enough for me alone. Villa/mansion is too big.
Yup.. thats the plan.. going back home for good.. mix feeling.. happy and sad or rather worry :-|

pato & pearl
yes pearl.. it's huge. kalau dok sorang2 takut jugak...

aizal said...

Alamak.. baru baca part ni... thank you byk2 to deen, rizal and nizam.. coz tolong pindah2 ni.. jasa mu tetap di kenang.. yang lain tu senang2 dtg2 laa rumah