QA: A Stop Over by Italians

This morning,I received two guests, Alessio and Marco from Italy. They are on the way back from their two-weeks vacation in Malaysia and having a 6 hour stop-over in Doha. I volunteered to drive them around in Doha since Friday is an off day for me.

Alessio contacted me through, a forum for citizens of the world who love to travel and fond of understanding local culture. The forum is managed by volunteers and it is a good way to connect with each other who share the same thing. Do visit the website and register yourself.

I picked them from the airport at 7am and drove around Doha and had a breakfast at PAUL at Villagio. We covered most of places in Doha within 3 hours only. See how small Doha is. So, for those people out there, who are planning to transit in Doha, do contact me if you need a stopover package :-)) - just make sure it is on Friday or Saturday :-)

To Alessio and Marco, hope you had a good flight back to Rome and thank you very much for the gift...

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Bin Mahmoud, D0ha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


zal said...

Later i will register my name kat HC. I got 1 account already, but for KL apt. now nak buat satu for Doha...

hmmm.. in fact i have 4 beds for anybody who wanna stay over for a night or 2... :-)

MT said...

this HC is quite cool.. tapi yg pasal Bahrain tu, macam tak de response je..

advertise kat my blog buat pe.. bukan banyak readership pun...

Min said...

Hey there! I was looking for hosts in Doha for my 18hour stopover in February when I came across your blog:) Haha what a coincidence! I'm on Hospitality Club as well:) Do you think you might be free to show me around and grab some good local food if I arrived on the 29th of February?:P it's my first time in Doha and I really wanna get out of the airport and see the place! haha..if you want more information about me, my Couchsurfing webpage is below:) Or you can search for me on HC, my username is shums :) Hope to hear from ya soon and maybe meet up! :p


MT said...

Sorry if I have missed you. Have not been checking my blog for quite sometimes.
Anyway, I have left Doha. However, my colleague, Zal is still there and I am sure he will be delighted to assist you. His blog is

I am back in KL already, for good.