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Dah lama tak tulis blog. Idea tu ada, tapi yang malasnya nak upload gambar-gambar. It takes sometime to do it. Kalau kat rumah, walaupun ADSL connection 1.2Mbps, still slow. Terpaksa le buat kat office.

Kat sini, we share cars for commuting to work and personal life. Kalau those yang baca earliest entry to this blog, this sharing car thingy that ticked me to be a jerk!! (Hiks.. at least one person said that!).

We have three cars for 6 persons to share (although the number of people using the cars might increase sebab yang ada kereta sendiri nak save minyak! - ingat kan melayu je suka buat macam ni, rupanya Arab pun sama hahahahaha). So, once a while we need to send the car to the rental company to get it service. When we send for service, we normally get the replacement car. The best car I like is Toyota XA (see picture kat bawah ni). It small, 1.5l and easy nak bawa. Disadvantage is the air-cond, tak berapa efficient. I drove this early last year before we changed to Corolla.

Compare to Corolla, of course Corolla is better, but onlyif it is 1.8l. We have one 1.8l and another 1.3l. Yang 1.3l ni very under power.

Sharing car ni is good kalau everybody adhere to the 'policies'. Masalahnya kat sini, everybodyhas own stuff and priorities. Kalau gi kerja, ada yang susah bangun lambat and only want to go at 8am, ada yang terlebih awal sikit and also yang betul sakit hati is those yang selfish! Ada le sorang mamat nABC* ni, suka sangat keep the car key with him. Other people always leave the car keys with Security Guard. Mamat ni, berkepala besar sikit. Bila komplen, dia selamba je cakap "Just ask".. but bila call or press his apartment bell, langsung tak jawab. So macam mana nak dapat kunci.

Personally, I tak suka to ask since it is my right to use the car. Why should I ask if it is crystal clear that I have the right to use it and it is his responsibility to leave the car key with security?? Memang tak faham le mamat ni. Tapi nasib baik le sebab he is leaving the company by August 25 this year. Hip..hip.. hooray!! Memang patut pun blah dari project ni sebab in my opinion, he failed to steer the project very well. Macam president Bush, jadi puppet!!!!

Tu je lah for this entry.. nanti aku tulis pasal my gym and the neighbourhood...

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Dafna, Doha

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