QA: Hand(y)

Couple of days ago, I went to the Chinese Health Center on the D-Ring Road. I wanted to try their massage. It burned QAR120 from my pocket (no credit card accepted) for the first time and after that, you will be considered as a member and the massage will cost QAR100.

This is not the hanky-panky massage parlour - so get that "thing" out of your mind.

The masseur is Xu, from Nanjing China. Speaks very limited English but at least understand what I asked him to do. Burp a lot during that one hour session. I didn't know that my body was full of air. Nowonder I have been feeling tired easily these days. According to Xu, squeezing my right hand near the thumb is the best way yo treat my tiredness and get rid of the air in the body. Xu did just that! He squeezed my right hand and it was really hurt. Until today, I can see the reddish mark (macam darah beku / lebam je) on my hand. Hmmm.... I could not think of any correlation between squeezing my hand and the air in my body. But what the heck... it works.

I took my hands photo - the zoom is not that good so that reddish thing is not that visible on my right hand. Yes, these are my hands.....

My left hand

My right hand

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

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