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Last entry, I spoke about my neighbourhood. Now let's go a bit deeper inside (??). Let's explore my apartment. Currently, the building that I am staying is near the end of its lease term. The company lease the buiding for a period of two-year. And, next month suppose to be the last month. Unless, the lease is continued. Personally, I want to move out. Dont' know why -> maybe just for a change.

{Above left}
This is the building I am staying. My apartment is on the ground floor, Apartment #1. It is the right hand side unit next to the garage.Below are the photos of the inside my apartment. There are three units per floor, 2 units with 3-bedroom and one smaller unit with 2-bedroom. Mine is the 3-bedroom unit.

{Above middle and right}
These two photos show the hallway in my apartment. The first one (middle) is form the main door towards the inside and another one (right) is towards the master bedroom.

{First row left}
This is my living room. A bit messy and empty. I purposely do not decorate my apartment for one reason - I don't want to feel at home here. I don't plan to stay in Doha forever (although it has been nearly two years, one and half year more than I am supposed to be here).
{First row middle}
The living area shares the same room as the dining area. I put my study table adjacent to the dining table. I always switch the TV on while doing some work. Just a little bit of noise to accompany me. Well, in fact, my dining table is a multipurpose table. Every thing is dumped on the table!

To free up some space for my study table, I transferred one sofa to another room. At least this makes my living and dining room bigger.
{First row right & Second row left}
The kitchen is not too big nor too small. Just nice for me. However, I think the kitchen has been designed badly. Tak de saluran untuk air keluar! Apa punye architect le!
{Second row middle}
This is my room with big bed. I have the king size bed at home in Malaysia, but this one seems bigger. I guess this is the US standard size. The bedsheet is changed twice every week. However, the blue one seems synonym to my apartment. I always get this one!
{Second row right}
Another view of my bedroom. The dresser. The Nepalese cleaners love to re-arrange my stuff on the dresser. One day you'll find everything on the left of the dresser, and the next day, everything on the other side.

{First row left}
This is the second room. Suppose to be another bedroom. Since I stay alone ( staying alone, anybody coming for a weekend?), I transfered this room to be the prayer room. I use the wardrobe in this room for my casual clothes and store for domestic appliances and related stuff. Sort of a store-room for me (albeit having a dedicated store room just in front of this room).

{First row right}
The third room has a nice view. I use it for hanging my laundry and ironig. I called this room "Busybody Room" :-) If you were in this room, you can see who's going out, who's bringing "guests" etc... Don't get me wrong... I am not busybody, but my room is. Hiks....

Now, let's explore the bathrooms. There are three bathrooms in the apartment.

{Second row left}
This is the ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom. I don't shower here since I do not like the shower head. Tak grand langsung... Moreover, I feel trapped showering behind the shower curtain. I want! Lagipun, kalau ada orang kat atas using the bathroom, it will "impact" me as well... you know... kena letak beribu-ribu lemon nanti.. Kalau tak, bernafas dalam lumpur le jawabnya.

{Second row middle}
The second bathroom a.k.a. as the shower room. The shower head is dual mode - spray and shower. Bigger space (READ: wet the whole floor). This is where I take my twice-daily shower.

{Second row right}
And lastly, the third bathroom. Never use for shower. This guest bathroom doubles as my laundry room. I need to fix the hot water to the washing machine myself. Well, not me exactly, my Chilean friend helped me with this. Imported somebody from Chile just nak sambung air panas kat mesin basuh.. hebat siot!

That's all folks! Sorry for the boring entry. Am waiting to go for a meeting in half an hour. Saje nak kill time!


~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Dafna, Doha

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