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Two days ago, after coming back from the gym, I decided to go up to the roof of my apartment building for a breathtaking (?) view of my neighbourhood... Ibn Mahmoud is the area name.

The above is the north of my apartment. Towards Lusail and further more Bahrain. The building under construction is a new hotel in Doha. One of those hotels been built to cater for expected higher demand during the Asian Games this year. Heard that the interior design is supplied by a Malaysian company.

This is also the direction of the Al-Jazeera Broadcasting company headquarter - a very heavily guarded area.

The low rise area in the photo is known as mechanics street. Or rather workshops street. That is the street I always use to go to my client office every day. On that street also is the laundry place that I always used.

{First row first from left}
West of my apartment. The direction of Mecca (qiblat). Those twin towers are Al-Mana Trading Center. The twin towers are situated along the C-Ring (Suhaim bin Hamad Street), one of the busiest streets in Doha.

{First row second from left}
South west of my apartment. That is not a pond, it is actually being dug for a new building. However, I don't know how the water get into it. It has been for nearly a month and never dries up in the heat. This is the direction of Ramada Junction - an intersection between C-Ring and Salwa Road. Salwa Road streches from the old town until Abu Samra, border with Saudi Arabia. The junction is also known for its food heaven. This is the only area in Doha where you can get all kind of food (well, most of it). Lenotre Cafe, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, TCBY, Caravan, Mint, Crepeaway, Johnny Rockets, Nando's, etc..etc..

I used to hang up around this place before. However, most of friends now are busy with their personal life... Am waiting for new friends to come to Doha so I can hang out here again...

{First row third from left}

South of my apartment. The apartment building seen here is rented by Schlumberger. Saw some Asians there and were told they are Malaysians and Indonesians. The place is more like a hotel since they don't stay for long time. On and off. I call it Schlumberger Hotel.

{Second row first from left}
South East, towards the down town Doha (traditional souqs area). The brown building (is it brown?) is rented by the Qatar Airways for the female cabin crew..Hmmm...every night you will see few nice and big cars park outside the building. Visiting katanya... (hikss..apa-apa je lah)

{Second row second from left}
East of my apartment. Towards the Corniche and Arabian Gulf. The white building with big empty area is the newly opened school. Doesn't look like a goverment school. Probably an independent school. Just opened couple of weeks ago.

{Second row third from left}

North east towards the high rise in Doha. It seems that all the high rise in Doha are concentrated in the West Bay. Unfortunately the photo is not that clear - so unable to see clearly the buildings there. My client building is also over there. About 15 minutes driving from my apartment.....

Well, that's all folks...

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~

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