QA: Memories....

This photo was taken during the previous company gathering kat Awana Kijal. Every year the companydid a weekend trip to any local resort (which require us to fly there - PD, Melaka, Perak tak main le, dekat sangat) for all the employees to bond with each other. Ye le.. majority never been in the office.. Kekadang tu, kalau jumpa pun, we not even know we were in the same company.

Out of 8 in the photo, only 2 still with the company. Others have left for greener pasture... (hmmm... greener pasture? not so sure about that..).

It has been nearly seven years since the photo was taken. I miss my youthful face :-)) Dah tua rupanya aku ni ye.... and all my friends too... where ever you are, let me remind you that I treasured every moment we spent together... Miss you all... datang le jalan2 kat Qatar ni pulak - as long as I am still here!

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Onelself ~


Rahul Gupta said...

nice pics.
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MT said...

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