QA: Vacuum...

During the staff meeting, another bomb was dropped. This time, the only manager in my project will be leaving (for good) a day before me flying off for my Eid-ul-Fitr vacation. This is definitely sending an early signal to most of us in the project -> be prepared! With this manager departure, there will be a wide gap in the management, with a Managing Direct0r on top and the next senior level would be Senior C0nsultant! Obviously not a good sign.... I need to fast forward my plan... hmmm.... another decision to make and I hate making decision especially involving my life and career!!

~ M T @ Q4t4r
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

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zali said...

a sign that you'll be leaving Doha soon??? :(

MT said...

Not so sure about it yet. As for me, still have not discuss the options with the management.
Finger crossed!