QA: Bling Blink Bling Blink

This morning, the cuff-links that I ordered were ready for collection. However, since I am working today, I went to collect it from my jeweller, Thoufeek only after office hour.

Here is his shop, Al Mahfooz Jewellery. His shop in Doha is the second branch after Bahrain. Originally from India. He is getting married next year and I love teasing him about it. Typical me. :-))

This is the third item I ordered from him. The first one was my garnet ring on 18k white gold. Second item was a pendant for my mum's birthday. And the third is this cuff link. Not for me but for my friend's birthday. He is coming tomorrow for a weekend after a business trip to Dubai and Bahrain. Actually, his birthday was last July 19, however, since I have left Malaysia in early July, we were not able to celebrate together.

The shape of the cufflink supposed to be a crab, a sign for Cancer (June 23 - July 22). This cuff link was made with 18k white gold and a pair of ruby and a pair of garnet. Ruby is the birthstone for July and garnet is for January.

This was a last minute decision. I got the idea only last week. Then I rushed to "my jeweller" and as usual, being me, I "forced" him to complete it according to my deadline. So much of being in the Project Management for most of my employment years!

I can see the disapproved face on the goldsmith when I set the deadline (Thoufeek is not the one who crafted this. It is done by another goldsmith). That goldsmith, also an Indian, not even looked at my face... Well, did I care? Nope.. I didn't.. I paid for this and I am customer. And customer (especially me) is always right!!

Here is the close-up. Although I am not satisfied with the workmanship (if the close-up angle is better captured, you can see why I am a bit dissapointed), I have no choice. My friend is arriving tomorrow from Bahrain and I don't think Thoufeek can repair it before my friend arrives.

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~

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