QA: broken glASS

Today, it was a boring day at work. Everybody is back to the client site after the holiday yesterday. So, the place became a little bit noisy. And I am back wearing business attire - no more jeans and t-shirt.

Our big(ger) boss from US is in D0ha for a meeting with our client. There are some issues need to be ironed out.

Normally, on Sundays, we have a staff meeting. Since it was a holiday yesterday, we had the meeting today. Unfortunate for me, there was not enough chair (since I went for Zohor prayer first) and I (out of the blue) decided to sit on a GLASS coffee table. What a big mistake... the glass broke!!!! Aarrghhhh.... that was embarassing!!! The first words came out from my mouth "Sh!t.. Do I have to pay for this?" well, am still alive and more importantly, my bvtt is still fine... still se+y as usual.. ahaks....

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Dafna, Doha

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aiskrem potong said...

thank god your butt is okay!! phew.. i was worried for a while there.. kakakkaak

kelakar la.. :D

Anonymous said...

aiskrem potong:
:-D ..guess i need to insure my bvtt now.. just in case... :))

~ MT @ Qatar