QA: Guess... Impulse...

Have you experienced impulse buying? hmm..i just did! While my other colleagues were out for farewell lunch for one of our staff at Al-Hamr4 Restaurant, I went for a stroll in the mall area of R0yal Pl4za. I didn't go since I wanted to taste the finger lickin' good and moreover, last night I had a big meal with Zals.

Gues? outlet is on sale. Tomorrow is the last day of sale. Bought myself a long sleeve tee and a kind-of cargo pant. All together for QAR175 - a 75% discount! That's a bargain!

~M T @ Q4t4r
~~ Sadd, Doha

~To Travel Is To Discover Oneself~


zali said...

BIG THANKS for the dinner!!!

Thanks for all your help...

MT@Qatar said...

You are welcome. Today is your day, who knows what future will be. Helping another fellow country man in the foreign land is a duty.. :-))