QA: The Ultimatum

Today, we had an extraordinary staff meeting (wow.. amcam extraordinary general meeting lak). There was an update on the issue that we are currently facing with the client. Remember in my previous entry on the big(ger) boss from US is here to iron out the issues.

Well, they (big and big(ger) bosses) and project sponsor and his merry men from the client supposed to have the meeting to discuss the issues yesterday (Tuesday). All the quorum attended the meeting except for the Project Sponsor himself. He sent a representative and being in Arab world, the representative can only hear and provide feed back or response, not decision. Unfortunately, on my company side, we wanted decision.

So... the big(ger) boss has made the decision! Sort of the tribe has spoken lah....

The big(ger) boss wrote a letter to the Project Sponsor and Head of our client... One of main issues was the invoice. Dah tiga invois dihantar, satu pun tak dibayar lagi. Semua sekali dalam linkungan tiga hingga empat juta Amerika dollar. Banyak tu. So, kalau dia orang tak sign invois tu by tengahari esok (Khamis jam 12 tgh), we all akan pack semua barang and be in the comfort of our office or apartment. Maknanya, hari Ahad minggu depan, tak siapa akan datang kerja kat client site. Semua meeting akan dibatalkan and kerja untuk projek ni akan berhenti. Our leadership kat US pun setuju dengan decision ni.

Aku sebenarnya prefer projek ni cancel je. Bukan apa, asyik delay je. Pah tu, kalau meeting ngan client, ikut suka hati dia je nak datang atau tidak. Macam mana nak buat decision. Aku boleh buat decision untuk them, tapi, tak nak setuju. Kalau boleh, nak disekeh kepala sorang-sorang tu! Tapi kan, kalau betul-betul they tak sign, masalah jugak kat aku. Mana project aku nak pergi nanti. Kat Malaysia, company aku tak de project. Kat Singapore, my home office, kebanyakkannya Commercial Services (mostly consumer products, telco and heavy industries). Line aku Financial Services and Public Services.

Rasa-rasanya terpaksa le aku transfer office to US under Emerging Market. Kawan aku dari Chile tu, dengar khabar nak ke Central atau East Europe... Best gak tu. But not my line.

Tengok lah macam mana...finger cross!!!

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~

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