QA: Kelakar Seram

Kelakar Seram... yup.. that's the quote for the day. While walking home from the gym with MM, I continously teasing him on the words he used in the conversation. Obviously there are differences in usage of words between Singaporean Malay and Malaysian Malay.

"Bangun cepat.." vs. "Bangun awal.."
"Dia bilang.." vs. "Dia cakap.."
"Balik ke flat.." vs. "Balik ke rumah.." -> maybe in Singapore majority stay in flat rather than rumah!

On the way to his "flat/apartment"(I promised him that I will drive him home so we stopped by at my place for a few minutes), I drove to the grocery store nearby. In the car, he uttered the quote of the day.. "You ni kelakar seram la.."

Hmmmm.. and me bursting into an evil laugh!!!!

..kelakar seram...kelakar seram....

p/s: wonder what made him say that.... [winking smile]...

~ MT@Qatar
~~ Sadd, Doha

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Anonymous said...

Singaporean Malay are influenced by Javanese......So what is kelakar seram?????

MT said...

Actually, I dont know the meaning either.. According to MM, this phrase is extensively used in Singapore.