QA: Asian Games blues...

First day back at the client after three weeks of so called "relaxation" at RP. In fact, back at the client is also a "relaxation" for me - just different place! Was reading the news paper this morning - and I want to share this news.. the Asian Games blues....

Accommodation glitch hits Asian Games Athletes Village

Several countries have been forced to cut down on their Asian Games contigents or find alternative accommodation for some of their representatives because of a space crunch at the Athletes Village
MT: Thot that preliminary list of contigents were sent earlier, why now have to cut down? Planning..planning...[What??? Are you expecting Q4t4r to do proper planning? macam tunggu kucing bertanduk le.. mat salleh ni nak duit je]

Chris Ch4n, Singap0re National Olympic Secretary General - It's ridiculous. Preliminary list sent earlier this year and only bring it up now, last minute? Only 173 out of 204 athletes will be accommodated at the Village.

Sieh K0k Chi, Olympic C0uncil of Mal4ysia Secretary General blamed the over-ambitious D4GOC (Doh4 Asi4n Games Organizing Committee) - They probably bit off more than they could chew, but only realising it a bit now. 19 members of Malaysian team may have to stay elsewhere despite the country having the contingent reduced from 359 to 335.

The Philipp!nes had announced a contingent of 400 composed of 267 athletes and 133 officials, but they were alloted only 316 beds.
MT: Why just these three S.E.A countries are quoted? Other Asians countries are not affected? Something fishy here....

Well, what can I say.. Most of the D4GOC officials are non-Qat4ris. Tonnes of westerners are in town working in so-called "preparing for the best Asian games ever held" - but being here for the last two years, I didn't see any outstanding improvement delivered by these westerners. And all the Qat4ris involved in top level are from the prominent Qat4ri families.

Still remember few weeks back - headline in all local newspapers "We are ready for Olympic".....

~ MT@Qatar
~~ Dafna, Doha

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zali said...

hmm... i guess i can spare an extra room in my apartment for one (or two) of the 19 Malaysians....

in fact... on 2nd thought, i think i can share my room to another one Malaysian.

(ooh btw, these lucky ppl won't get it easy, they need to pass my very detail stringent 'assesments'... hehehe)

MT said...

That's a good idea.I have 2 spare rooms. The hotels will be charging ludicrous per night rate i.e. Ritz Carlton QAR2000, Marriott QAR1400, Intercont QAR1700, Ramada QAR1287, Mercure QAR1200..

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