QA: Weekend Retreat

This weekend, I plan to be in Abu Dhabi. Flying the national airline of UAE, Etihad Airways.. Hope to see couple of friends over there. Ticket dah confirm but the hotel is yet to be booked. Maybe staying at Le Meridien..

=== Update ===

Now, I have received my ticket, my Exit Permit and confirmed my hotel reservation at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi. Few interesting points for me on this trip:

1) First time flying Etihad Airways. Now, altogether, I have flown 15 airlines in the world -> MH, SQ, AK, QR, SV, CX, BD, LH, FR, AA, NW, AI, JL, UA and now EY!

2) First time in Abu Dhabi. Have not been to the city before. Decided to cancel Dubai this time since I want to go to places where I have not been before. Will still include Dubai in the future list since I have not got enough of the city.

3) First time staying at Le Meridien. Previously, I stayed mostly at Marriotts & affiliates, Sofitel, InterContinental and Hilton (and of course few other local chain hotels..). I enrolled in the Sheraton/Le Meridien & affiliates SPG programme - so as to redeem more points for my future travel (insyaAllah)..

4) First time travel in the Middle East area during Ramadhan for leisure (knowing that it will be hot, less activities and shops/malls will not open until late evening) -> the latter being the most important point :-)

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud / Sadd, Doha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


Danny said...

I thot the national airline for UAE is EMIRATES?

MT said...

Well Danny, u r not the only one who confused. Me too. Etihad claims to be the national airline of UAE while Emirates is the international airline of UAE. Why? Beats me.. I don't know either. Another emirate, Ras Al Khaimah is planning to have inaugural flight early 2007 via the newly established airline RAK Airways.

So far, if I am not mistaken, four airlines in the UAE - Emirates (Dubai), Etihad (Abu Dhabi), Air Arabia (Sharjah) and coming soon RAK (Ras Al Khaimah)..

~ MT@Qatar

Danny said...

guiler kayer nyer die org..
malaysia yang ader 2 airlines pun .. satu dah lingkup hehe ":)

zali said...


enjoy the trip! :) i wish i can join u lah... but awal sgt lagi kat sini...


airline mana yg dah lingkup???

Danny said...

MAS lerr.. ;)
asyik re-structure jerr
reported lost pulak tu.. sedih aku