QA: Back to the Courts

Today is my last day in my office at RP. Will relocate to the client site again next Sunday. Oh well.. only for four days since I will be fying off on Wednesday nite. Nothing much to be done at the client site anyway. But since they have agreed to the addendum of the contract as well as agreed to pay the invoices, we sort of have to "show face" at their building.

Next week, there will be only six of us and all top management are away on holidays.. (Muslim sibuk raya, dia orang pun nak bercuti lebih-lebih lak...). So, definitely it is going to be a quiet time there.
Hmmm... now I have to pack up my stuff here and transfer them to my desk over 'there'. I hate moving!

Tonight, am having an iftar (dinner) with my office mate - a farewell dinner for the PMO Lead who is going back to the US and later in the night, I will be joining my other friends for a Ramadan Tent (early sahoor) at the Intercontinental Doha.

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Sadd, Doha

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