QA: The Journey Begins... DOH-MCT

All my other MiME travelers have written about our MCT trip in their blogs. I’m late already. “Dah basi cerita ni…” Anyway, this is my story… hehehehe

I left office around 5.45pm. I am already half-way packing (came back during lunch time) and it just took me less than 10 mins to finish it. Freshen up and said goodbye to SK who will be left alone at my apartment for the weekend.

Drove to KM’s place nearby the airport and left my rented Corolla there. KM drove us in his red Swift to the airport, which is located two blocks away from his apartment. The time was few minutes past seven in the evening and there were not many passengers at the airport. The first level security was smooth and we proceeded to the Oman Air (WY) checking counters. There were three counters opened and at least 10 passengers queuing at each counter. Majority were South Asians going back to their homeland. "Looks like the flight is pretty full tonight".

I was assigned seat 12E while
Zal got himself comfortable at the next seat 12F. We walked to the departure area and bumped into Zal’s work collegues who are heading to Afghanistan and few Malaysians in-transit from umrah. Apparently, QR has been one of the favourite airlines for Malaysians to go to the holy cities of Mecca and Madinah.

We prayed Isyak at the new prayer room and then had a dinner at the food-court. I had two piece A&W fried chicken and Zal had a burger. About 40mins before standard time of departure, we proceeded to Gate 2 - the holding area for tonight's WY flight to MCT.

We were bussed to the aircraft and was greeted by the only female crew on board. Can’t remember her name, but I guess she is from India (from her name-tag). Further inside the cabin, two male crew were in stand by to assist passengers, both are local Omanis. Our seats are the third row from forward economy cabin. I was in the middle seat while Zal has privileged to enjoy the outside view. On my left is an Indian guy flying back to his home town, C0chin.

The standard flight time is 1hr 15 mins, however due to traffic, we were delayed for 5mins. Not a big deal!

Ten minutes into the flight, the service started. Amazing that WY serves meal on its one hour plus flight. The choices were rice with chicken or vegetables. I am not an avid veggie eater, so I opted for chicken. Hoping that Zal chose veggie, he decided to go for chicken as well. Aahhh, now I don’t have a photo of veggie meal for you. The chicken was so hard that the plastic cutlery unable to cut it through. Luckily I had two-piece chicken at the airport – so I am not that hungry.

Later, the crew came around for a drink – tea or coffee. Am not sure whether WY serves alcohol or not. Anyway, not that I bother :-)

We landed 5 mins behind schedule and were bussed to the terminal. Unwelcome predicament started for me. Although I have been in Qatar for nearly three years, I have never applied for a residence permit. I have been using the business visa all along. Zal managed to get his visa for OMR3 since he is a residence of Qatar and for me, the cashier unable to ascertain my status. So, I was told to queue at the Immigration counter to enquiry the visa status for me. The immigration officer told me to pay OMR3 and I went back to the Cashier. With the receipt, I queued again only to be told at the counter that I need to pay OMR6. There I went again to the Cashier and pay another OMR3. Only then I was allowed to enter Oman… fuhh…. That was tiring and luckily not many arrivals at that time (after we landed, there was an EK flight from DXB). At the arrival hall, Zal was waiting for me already and had our checked in baggage.

We met with our fellow MiME traveler outside the arrival hall and walked to Thrifty Car Rental to pick up our car for the weekend. This is my first time meeting
Ard, the fellow MiME from AUH. Hello Ard :-)

Our transport for the weekend was H0nda City. That night, Ard drove us to the hotel and for the rest of the weekend, I was the driver. I really enjoy driving.. don’t ask me why :-) Reached our hotel by the Corniche around 1am and slumped into slumberland in no time….

Can’t wait for tomorrow…..

~ MT @ Oman
~~ Marina Hotel, Muttrah

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


zal said...

while waiting for you to clear your entry visa, i managed to find a road map and ask the route to get to the hotel... search for brochures on what to see in Muscat and Oman generally, which include Musandam area...

I also managed to try some perfumes at the small duty free shop and let your beg make 2 rounds at the bagage carousel...

oooh... lama jugak tunggu tu kan... hehehe

Aina said...

Hi MT..Ya Allah, dah berbulan2 U vist my blog,I just found ur blog via Ards today. Ampun yer.

Am surprise, 3 yrs at Qatar u still dont have RP.

MT said...

huh... saje je tu nak sakitkan hati... not my fault.. immigration tu tak thau their own rules.. :-P

well, thanks for waiting :-))

i ni low profile :-) tinggal trace yg untraceable.. hiks...

i purposely tak apply for RP.. malas to go thru all those unnecessary (in my opinion) process