QA: Journey Back...MCT-DOH

Although our flight back to DOH is scheduled at 1855hrs, we decided to check in early. Just to wander around the airport and snap some photos. I drove to the airport from the City Center Mall which is located 10 mins away. Bid goodbye to Ard and SA, we went straight to the check in counter. As per other airport in the Middle East, the check in area is reserved for travelling passengers only and cordon off from the outside.

When we entered the check in area, only Qatar Airways counters were operational. There were three counters for the Economy class and the queue for each counter has at least 5 passengers. Looks like another full flight with transit passengers.

The queue we were on was a bit slow. Apparently a couple of family in front of us have lots of luggage to check in and to make the matter worse, the whole family gather in front of the check in desk. Why can't only two or three of them check in while others can wait a bit further!

Since we have only two small luggage to check in, the process went trough in no time. I was assigned with seat 27B, which is a middle seat and Zal was at seat 27A. Since there was nothing interesting around the check in area, we decided to proceed to the airside. Heard that MCT only have three or four shops in the duty free area, so I just need to see how small the duty free area is :-)

Immigration went smoothly, and same for the security. As experienced during our two-day stay, we were amazed by the tolerance and hospitality shown by the Omanis. At the immigration counter, I was greeted with a smile and the officer tried to have a conversation with me in Arabic. Something that you will never experience in D0ha, and probably not even in Malaysia(?). The officer at the x-ray security was very polite. When I reached there, he politely asked me to empty my pockets and told me what to do in a soft voice. I really feel I am
"somebody" there :-))

Took the escalator to the departure lounge and duty free area. Well, it is not that bad.... only I could not find the things I want... aircraft model (well, same in D0ha... no aircraft model on sale at the duty free). Took few photos of the area and the tarmac activities. Unfortunately, nothing much happening. Only one Air India Express bound for, where else, India of course. Can't remember the destination though.

Boarding started 45 minutes before the scheduled take off. We were bussed to the QR metal on the other end of the terminal building. It was A321, a typical for regional destinations. We used the aft door to embark and was greeted by a Japanese crew. Further inside, three more crew waiting to assist passangers. There were another two crew at the business class section of the aircraft.

While waiting for another group of passengers to embark, I took a chance to snap some photos inside the cabin. The flight was pretty full and we took off on time.

Unlike Oman Air, Qatar Airways only serves snack for this 1hr 5mins flight. The flight itself was uneventful but the actiities inside the cabin that irritated me the most. People using the handphone and another group of Ar4b ladies having sort of argument. Just like a vegetable market in D0ha. And worse, no initiative by the crew to mend the situation. Couple of passengers using the hand phone right in front of the crew! Really pissed me off.

On ground, I immendiately logged in the complaint about the uncomfortable flight.

We landed on time and were bussed to the arrival terminal. No issue with immigration and the lugagge also came out at the same time we finished immigration. Kind of efficient I would say :-)

Called our friend, KM to pick us up and we went for dinner at Central Indones1an restaurant.

Overall, it was a good trip and I love every single second of it.

Millions of thanks to my MiME bloggers, Zal, Ard and SA for the weekend. Thank you for willing to spend the weekend together. May be we can meet again - in another country :-))

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, D0ha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


zal said...

sempat tu complaint... hehehe...

famil said...

lama tak update ... :p

Aina said...

Bestnyer orang orang bujang travel. Jeles I...I memang teringin nak gi Oman, tapi tak boleh pergi as "Visa Run", "Visa Run" je peluang untuk I travel free :-)

MT said...

kita kan pelanggan. bayar mahal lak tu. deserve the better service :-))

hi famil :-)) busy le.. nanti i update..

your hubby company ada put restrictions ke to which country you can go? for me, i can go anywhere but the company will reimburse max fare equivalent to BAH only.

Aina said...

Company hubby i tak der la put restriction. tapi, visa I ada cop "Allowed to entry Sultanete of Oman". I difahamkan, kalau I ke Oman dan masuk semula Qatar, still tak dapat renew visa. Err I pun tak faham laa. Can I go to Oman for Visa Run?

Bambang66sg said...

Hey MT,

Oman is a nice place. I hope I will visit the place when I am free.

Nice pictures.


MT said...

Kalau ada entry to Oman, maknanyau masuk Qatar with tourist visa.
For visa run, you can go anywhere as long as you keluar dari Qatar. In fact for tourist visa, u can extend for a week after expiry then you have to go out.

Lama tak tinggal message :-) How r u? You should go to Oman, only few hours drive from where you are now :-))

Nice photos from China too :-))