QA: Late Night News

Late last night, while having a WebEx session with the US team, I received an email from our CEO informing all personnel that one of our staff has been abducted in Iraq. My company does a lot of work in Iraq and Afghan. In fact, now, we are looking for a Malaysian to fill up the job in Afghan. A retired Civil servant or seasoned government official.

This is not the first time this tragedy happened. Before, one of our contractors was shot dead while travelling from the airport to the green zone. That's the risk my fellow firm employees need to face to get that extra money.

If I have to serve either these two countries, I would go for Afghan. But again, better not at all. I would rather resign - that's what I told my boss if I am told to go to either this two countries.

Anyway, hope the abductors will spare this particular person life.

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Sadd, D0ha

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