QA: The Power of Money

Friday, December 1st., As1an Games will be officially opened. Q4t4r is playing a host to thousands of As1ans for the next two weeks. Amazingly, how can this small jazirah with only 20% of total population are local (i.e., Q4t4ris) can be so successful in winning the bid? hmmm... after two years here in D0ha, I can say that it is all about money!

Opening ceremony is poised to be the best so far in the world. According to the director of ceremony - who happened to be the same person in charge of Olymp1cs Sydney and Comm0nwealth Melbourne - this D0ha games opening ceremony is the best so far. And it can only be achieved with the commitment of organising committee and the government. Yup.. Q4t4r government is giving 110% support in realising this dream. It sort of like a sugar daddy or sugar mummy, just ask what you want, we will give it to you...

The civil servants are also in the winning team. In addition to the 40% pay rise announced couple of weeks ago, rumours has that if they, the civil servants attend the games (either opening orany events), they will get paid... hmmm... sounds strange, hard to believe, but been here that long, it is possible!

I was smiling to myself when I read an article in Berita Harian today... "Gelora D0ha: Tiada kepakaran tempatan jana keseluruhan operasi penganjuran"... I would agree with the article. It says it all. Here is the excerpt:

Cuma apa yang dapat dilihat mereka tidak ada kepakaran tempatan untuk menjana keseluruhan operasi penganjuran sebaliknya ‘mengimport kepakaran’ dengan membeli pakej terbaik menggunakan wang dan kekayaan mereka.

Kaunter jual kad prabayar, umpamanya diterajui pegawai dari India dan ramai 'mat salleh' seperti mendominasi urusan teknikal atau segala kelancaran harian kecuali dari segi akaun kewangan.

"Terima kasih," gadis dari Filipina berkata di tempat makan wartawan dan jurugambar media di Pusat Media Utama. "Anda perlu apa-apa bantuan," kata lelaki tinggi lampai dari Mesir yang menjaga gelanggang latihan sepak takraw.

Kata-kata orang luar ini yang 'diimport' menyamar sebagai orang tempatan untuk komunikasi, sedikit menjadi penawar kepada kami dan orang lain. Inilah apa dikatakan kuasa wang yang Kuala Lumpur tewas kepada Doha satu ketika dulu.

Hotels here have been vacant since three days ago. These hotels in D0ha (all the five stars hotels in D0ha are owned by Q4t4r Nati0nal Hotel - the same company that owns the only alcohol shop and if I am not mistaken, the duty free shops at the airport as well) are to be used for officials and (invited) visitors to the games. Security has been tightened and I can no longer walk into the hotel for a lunch or dinner without undergoing a very very heavy security check. What a hassle!

Three cruise ships have been rented and now docked at D0ha Port. These ships provide additional 5000 beds for spectators of the games.

Delayed in completing the infrstructure never seems to be a threat to the organising committee. With the manpower supplied by South Asians, it can be done overnight! The main road near my place has been under construction for more than a year ago and within two weekends, the road is now perfect. These money-thirsty S0uth Asi4n works round the clock over the weekend to complete it. If you drive along the road past two weekends, you will notice a very large number of S0uth Asi4ns and Orient4l men in blue uniform - working under the sun and moon in order to achieve the ambition of one country.

Nonetheless, I do applaud Q4t4r for the super-duper ambition - to showcase the world that an Islam1c country can also organize the best ever sports event - the games of the lifet1me. Hopefully in the future, if Q4t4r ever win the bid for Olymp1cs, I will see more of my 'brothers and sisters' are involved in the preparation, not those 'gold digger pinky people' that take the wealth away from my 'brothers and sisters'.......

Anyway, to Malaysi4ns athletes (I know they dont read my blog :-)) - Welcome to Q4t4r and Good Luck! InsyaAllah, this Saturday, I will be there watching the first game of sepak takraw!

Btw, for those who wants to know the real-time results of the games, can do so via this website. It is the games official website.

p/s: This is suppose to be my 100th. post... other bloggers that I noticed, have a special entry just for the 100th. post... well, here is my entry :-))

~ M T @ Q4t4r
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, D0ha

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