QA: Harimau In Action.....

Last night, I managed to watch the semi final sepak takraw match between Msia and Indon. I was a bit late, thanks to the infamous D0ha traffic – with some Q4t4ris drivers who behaved like they owned the roads. It took me 30 minutes to get to the stadium which can be reached within 15 minutes in normal heavy traffic. Last night traffic was exceptionally terrible.

Luckily I had bought five tickets (myself, Zals, KM , Shah & his wife) during lunch time as there were long queues at the venue box office – Q4t4r is playing against U A E in football (scheduled to start 1945hrs).

And now, while writing this entry, Msia team is having a good fight against our neighbour, Th4iland in the final…. Wish them luck!

For the last night actions, enjoy couple of photos here and more at my fotopages. Video (bad quality – unable to see the players themselves) were uploaded in UTube.

May be I should start investing in a better camera…. [hint..hint…my bday is coming……] hehehheehhe

~ M T @ Q4t4r
~~ Sadd, D0ha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


kelakar seram said...

/////May be I should start investing in a better camera…. [hint..hint…my bday is coming……] ///////////

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday.............................happy birthday to you.Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki kamu.

Singa Jantan from Kota Singa.

Zal said...

Hey, my parents saw me on TV that night. There was a live coverage in Astr0 for that game. :)

MT said...

kelakar seram @ Singa Jantan from Kota Singa
Birthday I lambat lagi... early next year. Thanks for prayer..

Glamer jap yer.... hehehehe :-)