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First day of vacation. I mean the starting of the trip to B4li. Took a cab from Dsara to KayEl Sentral to catch the SkyBvs to the first ever L C C T in S E A. This was also my first time at L C C T. Never being there. The SkyBvs costs RM9 per head. Not bad considering the buses used are new and the journey took less than an hour.

Reached the terminal around 2pm - what a surprise! I kept on thinking the suitable word to describe what I saw, but the word just didn't come to my mind. It is like a deja vu. I never being there before - but I felt I have been there.... macam mana tu... punye le susah nak think that one word. Hold and behold, while having my lunch at MekD, my friend suddenly uttered the magic word... yes! that was it..... this is "PUDURAYA"... instead of buses emitting the black fume, this PUDURAYA is full with white/red AIRbvses... cleaner I guess... but, this is not my cup of tea, I mean, to start off my vacation in this kind of place is just not right :-)

The flight supposed to be at 1640hrs but it was delayed..oppps (never use the word "delay" with A K)... the flight to D P S was retimed to 1820hrs... due to the technical problem. We were told to disembark and go back to the stuffy terminal. Reached the terminal after the long walk and 10 minutes later, we were called back for the second embarkation. What's the point of asking the passengers to disembark just for 10 minutes plus the loooong walk and called again for another loooong walk? Luckily the captain understood the situation and offer all the passengers the first drink. Yes, the first soya bean drink is on the house. :-)
Finally the AIRbvs took off and we reached B4li around 10pm. Took a (coupon) cab from Band4ra Ngvrah Rai to Kut4 - a bit expensive (arnd Rph45,000), but since the hotel that we are going to stay for the first night does not provide transfer, we have no choice. Moreover, it was already late night and I don't want to risk hailing the taxi outside the terminal.

Checked in at Ind4h Beach H0tel (P0ppies L4ne II). Bak kata pepatah, indah khabar dari rupa - and this is exactly Ind4h Beach H0tel. The word "Indah" is meaningless. Same goes to "Beach". Dah lah tak "Indah" langsung, beach punye le jauh. For a merely RM97 including breakfast and just for one night stand.. ooppss... transit je, I should have not complaint too much.

At night, stroll along infamous Kuta beach and surrounding. Had MekD (again) for supper. Hmm... nice view at MekD too..... [:-P

1) If you can get other airlines with reasonable fare, go for it. I took A K coz the difference is 50% from our national Wau Kucing airline.
2) Find a better hotel along Jalan Pantai Kuta even if you just need a room for a night. Legian area is also good. By all means, avoid this tak seberapa Indah hotel.

~ M T @ Ind0nesia
~~ Kvta, B4li

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


Zali said...

Can you imagine they will be having a long-haul budget flight in few months time...

it's a budget no-frills airline bro, we pay cheapo but substituted it with time and patience :-)

famil said...

yeah AK to manchester.. sampai iran terhempas.. :p

Pato & Pearl said...

Only once we tried budget airlines - Value Air to BKK. If can, tak nak lah..Mentel nak try...

Pato & Pearl

MT said...

I really hope those concerned really think the concept of long haul budget airline. Definitely cannot copy-cat 100% of short haul.


Pato & Pearl
I think all LCC are the same, but the S I N budget terminal should be better than K U L kan?