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Merry Christmas for those celebrating Christmas. It's a warm Christmas in B4li. :-)

Today, decided to walk around the area i.e., Seminy4k, Legi4n and Kvta. After breakfast, walked to "Bar/Pub Street" in Seminy4k (Dhyana Pura street I think). It was so hot and humid. Walked from our villa via the short cut route to Dhyana Pura - along the rice field and few construction areas.

Since it was a day time, the area was quiet and not as happening as night time. Moved towards the beach and walked to Ober0i area. Wow, Ober0i is so nice. Those who can afford should try this nice resort. Saw few locals playing football in their underwears on the beach...hahahaha.......

In the afternoon, went to Legi4n and Kvta area. Got my lovely Starbvcks city mugs (yes, I am a collector ot Starbvcks city mugs) adn did a little shopping. This is where I found the handicrafts price are the same or cheaper than Sukaw4ti.

Later, we had a spa at this spa.

Quite far away, however, they provide pick up from your hotel. Only they don't provide transport back. You need to call a cab (they will call for you). I had a massage and green tea body scrub. Unfortunately, I was not aware that I am allergic to some ingredients they used during scrubbing (I think). I got rashes all over my legs. I took the photos of the rashes, but I guess it is just too s3xy to put it on the blog... ahaks.. [perasan kejap...]

After the massage, we went to Jimbar4n for seafood dinner. The food was bad... the cumi-cumi was like plastic and I don't feel it is worth to try seafood in B4li -> this is purely my own conclusion after two visits to Jimbar4n for seafood at two different warongs. Before, I was in B4li in 2001.

Generally, this day is just a rest day. For tomorrow, we had made a deal with our driver for another tour. We used the same driver and for Rph350,000 (if I am not mistaken or was it Rph300,000??) we get unlimited hours starting at 8.30am. Our plan was Bar0ng dance, Cremation ceremony, Ubvd, Tegallalang for rice fields terrace and Tanah Lot for the sunset.

1) Put spa in your itinerary. It is worth to try. Cheap compare to KayEll. On our way the airport, we saw this one spa center at the shop house perpendicular (across from traffic light round-a-bout) from Planet Hollywo0d. What more, the halal restaurant is just next to the spa center.
2) No regret if you dont have time to experience seafood at Jimbar4n.

~ M T @ Ind0nesia
~~ Seminy4k, B4li

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Anonymous said...

That is Antique Spa rite? I've been there! Very nice....

MT said...

yup... perfect score... it is Antique Spa. It was recommended to me. ;-)