SG: Hurry Up!!

mLanded safely at Chang1 at 1355hrs, 15 minutes late than scheduled. Upon stepping out the beautiful Airbus 330 (this is one of the latest additions to the Q R fleet - with new livery), to my surprised, I found the airport staff holding a place card with my name on it. I was panicked because I was not expecting it and my connection flight will be in 75 minutes - so, in my opinion, I still have lot of time.

She made it as if that I was late and we rushed to Terminal 2 for check in - killing all my plan to stroll around the duty free before boarding. Even nak kencing pun tak sempat!!!!

She apologized for not addressing me correctly i.e., on the place card, there is no salutation (Mr.) before my name. I told her I don't care. Apparently, somebody from Q R have notified S I N that I only have minimum time for transfer. Hmmm..... this Q R must know me very well - I will not be in the departure lounge unless the screen shows my flight boarding status "Last Call"....

Ok.. need to board now... see you in the next entry....

~ M T @ Singap0re
~~ Gate F34, S I N Airport

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself~

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