QA: Dunest0ck

Over the weekend, on Friday, I went to Dunest0ck, a desert version of the W00dstock :-) Went there with Zal & SK. Others were not interested to go. In fact, I don't really like it but for the sake of experience, why not. Been there, done that...huh...

Although the entrance fee was a bit pricey, QAR50 per person, it was a great experience. Majority were caucasians with very minimal Asians and definitely less than 10 Ar4bs wearing dish-dash :-) women in abaya.. err.... definitely not a place for them :-))

Went there after asar, so to have experience the sunset which was around half past five. The event was staged at the Singing Dune. Apparently, you should be able to hear a buzzing sound created by the wind sweeping the sand when you are at a certain coordinate. This is one of the tourist attractions for visitor coming into Q4tar.

Enjoy some photos.. thanks to Zal and SK for the photos. My camera broke down, so until I bought the new one, I have to rely on my two friends for some photos.

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Sadd, D0ha

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zals said...

at times, rasa mcm i was in a desert somewhere in Europe/Australia...

MT said...

yup.. full of caucasians :-))