QA: Project Dukhan (Day 2)

Luckily the day 2 sales started at 3pm. And this gave us the whole Friday morning to prepare the food. In the morning, the time was devoted to prepare "Roti John" ingredients, bihun and sambal for Nasi Lemak. Although SK has to work today, he did join us around 5pm with AI. So, leaving me and Zal to prepare all these while NZ joined us after Friday prayer. KM came just before we left for Dukhan. There were lots of visitors today and majority of our customers were Malaysians longing for nasi lemak and "Roti John". To the foreigners, we introduced "Roti John" as Malaysian Kebab :-). Else, it will be a bit difficult to explain what it is.

We put up our menu in Malay with a translation in English. However, couple of the menu were not translated and one of them was "Roti Jala". The funniest translation of "Roti Jala" that I heard was "Fishing Net Bread".. ROFL.... It was translated by one fellow Malaysian to his foreign friend.

The Malaysian group performed "Dikir Barat" which I missed to watch it. Heard they won an award for the performance. Congratulations!

Same goes to Mrs. KAZ and Mrs. J for winning a title each in the cooking competition.

In fact the whole day was filled with enjoyment and fun. It was a tiring day, but at the end, I feel worth it...

Stuff for Day 2

Sales in progress

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~~ Dukhan

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zals said...

2nd day memang best... kalau lah dpt crowd mcm tu everyday... best... we even almost sold all of our product on that day!!!

MT said...

yup... the crowd was great and the support was great too!!