QA: Weekend Affairs

Hmmm.... there were lots of things happened during the weekend and few days before that. To summarize, we had a new friend from K U L who just arrived on Wednesday. Then, we had a makan-makan session (yup, eat-eat again to make me fat), a dust/sand storm (well not really a storm) blanketed D0ha and addition to my personal life, I had a short talk with my MD from Sp0re detailing his plan for me (yes, just a short one since he called less than an hour before Friday prayer....).

Will blog about all the above.....


~ M T @ Qat4r
~~ Ibn Mahm0ud, D0ha

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Pato & Pearl said...

wah makan makan session again...Good food, great friends sure enjoyable session lah's the job hunting or is yur current job giving yu better option in yur career advancement?