QA: Makan-Makan (8)

On Friday, we had a makan-makan session at one of our colleagues' apartment, KM. The function was organized by Malaysi4ns working with QK company. Among the delicacies were Sot0 Ay4m, Mee K4ri and B-B-Q lamb chop and chicken wings. The Mee Kar1 was soo good.. better than the one at N0shi-N0shi, Dub4i. :-)

The plan was to have an outdoor B-B-Q, however, for the whole day, D0ha was blanketed with the sand/dust, so we have to halt the plan. Instead, all the lamb chop and chicken wings were grilled using the oven.

Coincidently, the function day was also MR's birthday. The hubby, AI has requested us to have a surprise for his wife. The couple shared another good news with some of us (I thought of having it announced using the loudspeaker, but the couple politely declined it) - in eight to nine months time, they will be having their first baby! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The turn out was as expected, around 25 people. Met few new people, so it sort of achieved the original objective of getting to know more new people :-)

Enjoy some photos......

~ M T @ Qat4r
~~ Sadd, D0ha

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famil said...

yum yum.. got malaysian chinese meh?

fira said...

dengar cerita ur soto superb? cayalah!..huhu

MT said...

malaysian chinese? of course.. ramai. mostly cabin crew (female>male) and constructions i.e. G4muda.

soto.. alah.. segera punye. Nasi himpit - adabi brand, ayam rebus je. sup & kicap cili, sapa2 pun boleh buat :-))
anyways, thks.