QA: a Collage..

Today is my second day of fasting in the month of Syawal. Yet, I still went out for lunch. Nothing much to do at work and I wanted to get some sun :-)

Lunch with my Sudanese and Egyptian colleagues at our usual place, City Center Mall. Today, the Egyptian colleague wanted to have Asian food, so we decided to go to the East Food Court - which attract less crowd and has yummy Asian food. A collage (thanks to Picasa2 by Google) of some food counters at the East Food Court is added below. Now I need to find out how to add the caption on the image itself... Macam mana ye...?

Today's iftar is at 4.51pm... 30 minutes to go....

~MT @ Qatar
~~ Dafna, Doha

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zali said...

i've tried create a collage using the Picasa2 before. Sometimes it is a bit frustrating, as we can't really arrange the pics. Often the front picture covered the main subject of the picture behind it.

or maybe i yg tak tahu nak guna kot.

Pato & Pearl said...

Hi MT, I tried using Picasa2 but tak menjadi lah..then I switch to Flickr and allow you to add caption easily and can do slideshow as well.

good luck ! - Pearl

mt@qatar said...

Yup.. u r right.. it is hard to manage/arragne those photos..

I just signed up with Flickr. Let see how it goes... thanks!