QA: Nite Out..

Last night, I went to the Pearl Lounge, Marriott - voted the most exclusive club in Doha. I have not been there for nearly half a year. Even the bouncer recognized me - as a member that under utilized the membership :-) Sorry, no photo - forgot to bring the camera.

Entrance is by membership only. Luckily I have secured Black membership for free during the opening of the club more than a year ago. Later, anyone applying for membership has to pay QR3000 and valid for 6 months. No worries, those payment can be used as a credit to buy drinks in the club.

There were 9 of us over there and I am the only one who did not consume alcohol. The damage for three hours of laughing, gossiping, and teasing totalled to QAR1500....

Worth it? errr.....

~ MT@Qatar
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

~ To Travel Is To Discover Oneself ~


basa basi said...

darn expesive.. almost rm1500 rite?

mt@qatar said...

basa basi
yup, slightly more.. luckily, i was not the one to pay first... hehe

btw, welcome to my blog!