QA: Post Weekend

First weekend since I got back in Qatar was tiresome. Did some groceries at Carrefour, hanged out with Zals and his new friends and also dinner with a Malaysian couple who just joined Zals at the broadcast company.

I have not gotten any time to activate my gym membership. Tonight, I have to continue my class [too lazy to go...] and if I am not tired, I may go to the gym..

Work - as usual. Bored and the same situation as before I left. I can't work like this. I need more challenges in my work AND a proper management. Working in a chaotic environment, despite very good pay is not something I really enjoy.

Hmm.. banyak lak mengomel.... ciao dulu lah..

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Dafna, Doha

~To Travel Is To Discover Oneself~

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