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This year, I have to clear at least 4 days from my annual leaves entitlement. Altogether, at my level, I have 31 days - 20 days of annual leave and 11 days of "floating" public holidays. Am very grateful to my MD for allowing me to take a "floating" public holidays (there are 11 public holidays in Singapore this year - or is it 12?). Anyway, the maximum for me to carry forward to next year is 20 days of annual leave and no carry forward for the public holidays. So, since I have 14 days to carry forward and I still have nto taken 4 public holidays, I have decided to utilize my leave to go for a vacation.

Planning to go back to K U L first and take the vacation from there. I have 22/12 until 27/12 for my vacation before going back to my hometown for Raya Haji.

Here is the shortlisted list of places in mind (vacation spot must not exceed the flight time radius of 3-4 hours from K U L):

  • Colomb0 (the flight availability fits perfectly with my schedule + I never been there before)

  • B4li (have been there few years back and don't mind going back there again)

  • Bandung (only if my parents decided to tag along... but probably no since theyhave some stuff to do at home before the Raya Haji :-))

  • Vietn4m (don't really know what to do here.. and also worry about the food)

  • Chi4ng M4i (hmm.... same as Vietn4m - don't really know what's available here and the food probably not that difficult..)

My ideal vacation is totally relaxation and more towards city vacation - nothing adventurous. Beach is not a must, however, if there is a nice hotel by the beach, why not.


~M T @ Q4t4r
~~ Dafna, Doha

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Pato & Pearl said...

MT - pato and pearl can tell you abt chiang mai...Mate, its easy to find halal food there...
havent had time to upload cerita chiangmai...but if you need info let us know..

Pato & Pearl

mt@qatar said...

pato & pearl
Thanks... I saw yr entry abt chiang mai in yr blog. Very nice. Thanks for willing to assist. Anyway, I have decided to go Bali now.. :-))