QA: Landed.....

Landed safely at Doha Int'l Airport 3 minutes earlier than ETA, 0557hrs local time to be exact. It was already bright day, the sun has rised and the arrival hall getting crowded. The aircraft from KUL landed just after the JKT/SIN aircraft. Few minutes after we landed, QR002 from London landed. Immigration was a breeze. And once completed, my luggage was already out of the carousel.

All baggage into the country must be scanned. Apparently, the customs are more interested in any bottles that the visitors bring - since the import of alcoholic is prohibited. I got stopped as well - reason: sebotol kicap :-))

Within an hour from landing, I am already at home.... that was fast....

Few photos from my flight. More can be viewed at my

~ MT @ Qatar
~~ Dafna, Doha

~To Travel Is To Discover Oneself~


Pato & Pearl said...

Hi MT,
Alhamdulilla, safe and sound. I hope's the weather's changing soon. Has the temperature dropped. I recall last Nov was the wind of Bahrain....and i love it when it gets cooler

MT said...

Pato & Pearl
The temperature is getting better. I love the weather when the time reaches 4pm onwards.. it is very nice. Lots nicer compare to KL since over here the humidity is low.