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I just completed my Level2 Arabic class last night. Next week will be revision week and early December is my test. According to the method used, by completing Level 2, I should be considered as a novice Ar4bic speaker... what to say...I can't really say I am good enough to use it in my daily conversation. Luckily for us Malaysians that we learned "Jawi" when we were at primary school, thus we can easily grasp the reading part. Since my classmates are from New Ze4land, Tur key and Ind0nesia -> I can show off a bit on my ability to read Ar4bic... :-))

Have not decided whether I want to continue to the next level. Altogether there are four levels and I have (or rather will be) completed half of it. It all depends on the availability of my current project. I am not really fond of continue with this project - sort of adverse effect on my career. If I plan to be here for the next three to six months, I may as well continue to the next level. At least I got somethingto bring back with me from my experience in this over-ambitous country.

Next week, am moving office to another client's building. My client occupies three buildings around the city. The one I am in now can be considered as an H Q - beautiful scenery of the Ar4bian Gulf and can view almost the whole stretch of the C0rniche. One of the buildings is going to be demolished as part of the city beautification project. The one I am moving in is nearer to my apartment. With this pleasant weather and given the short distance to my apartment, I was thinking of walking between the two buildings.

My new place will have no nice view as current one. Only one big window overlooking another part of the same building! Sometimes my inner part keeps telling me that the client does not like us and want to keep us out :-) which I personally think is true. The reason given is theyare hiring more people thusthey need space. Wonder why they have to take our space when there are more spaces on other floors...

I got two days to pack up my stuff into the boxes. Today and tomorow. Friday morning, plan to cook breakfast for some friends and in the evening I have to attend a belated Thanksgiving 'casual' dinner with my office colleagues.

Found a new word in the local newspaper today - "Ahmadinejadised" ;-))

~M T @ Q4t4r
~~ Dafna, Doha

~To Travel Is To Discover Oneself~

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